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Euro-folio – Developing and Proving the Achievement of  Key Competencies in Young Adults that Employers Require When Recruiting

GRUNDTVIG Multilateral Project
Project number: 538286-LLP-1-2013-1-LT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP

Project summary:
Euro-folio is a European wide project, which seeks to develop products to address a key area of concern within Europe and specially partner countries. It is an important issue, since youth employment in EU among 15-24-year-olds has increased by 50%. college essay writing service

The ultimate aim of Euro-folio is to enable young unemployed adults to (a) develop the essential key competence knowledge, skills and attitudes looked for by employers when recruiting and (b) to demonstrate to employers the achievement of those competences.

Project objectives:
✘ to produce a research document (outlining the needs in each country and combined), which clearly defines the essential key competence knowledge skills and attitudes, which employers look for in young people when they are recruiting.
✘ to develop products (workbook, on-line tools etc) for use by organizations working with young people. The products will be practical and will demonstrate ways in which skills can be acquired and recognized through nontraditional routes e.g. volunteering, community activities and family related activities;
✘ to develop a certificate of proof of achievement of competence (CoPAC) to enable the young person to prove key competence knowledge skills and attitudes, achieved in a nontraditional way, to an employer;
✘ to produce a DVD, aimed primarily at employers, which will prove (through case studies) how useful the CoPAC will be to them when recruiting young people.

Project duration:
01/01/2014 – 31/12/2015