Contact: Asta Jasiulionienė

VšĮ Socialinių inovacijų centras was established in 2008 for the purpose to promote, create, develop and implement innovative social initiatives, and satisfy interests those social groups who have fewer opportunities and as organisation of such profile grow, develop and become regional leader.
Social innovations – new social ideas, thoughts, decisions, strategies, concepts, models, methods of work, activities. Their goal – the strengthening of public welfare, effective solving of social challenges and problems as well as inducement and facilitation of positive social changes.

The goals of the Centre:

• Information, non-formal education and training for professionals, volunteers, social partners, various social groups and public on the most relevant social problems’ issues;
• Promotion and active participation in social initiatives facilitating various innovative solutions of social integration for socially vulnerable groups, strengthening their self-involvement in decision making processes and active social participation.
• Creation, development, implementation and evaluation of social innovation solutions in regional, national and international context;
• Implementation of various scientific and practical activities for development of solutions for social innovation.

The Centre works in close partnership with local, national and international partners, interested organisations, public authorities and various social groups in order to support and promote the solutions for social welfare of those who are in the most relevant need, in Lithuania and EU.

Contact: Joana Bastos

Advancis is a business consulting and training company with a wide experience supporting entrepreneurs and SME. Advancis wants to contribute to a new strategic and operational perspective of businesses, helping clients with their development plans and to grow in the global market.

Advancis renders innovative consultancy and training services based on research activities developed in cooperation with high profile international partners. Advancis is certified by the Portuguese National Authority (DGERT) for its training activity and offers a range of training courses that aim to improve knowledge and foster skills development of the human capital inside organizations and/or looking for new challenges on the labour market.

The services and activities provided by Advancis are structured around 4 areas :
Advancis supports and advises in strategies for financing investment projects, in the preparation of dossiers to present to investors and in the preparation of applications for funding.
Developing People
Advancis supports the creation of value, enhancing human resource development by defining strategies, developing and implementing practices and management systems and by training people.
Advancis supports entrepreneurs to start and develop their business since the birth of the idea (Business Planning), to the sustained growth (Creation and Growth of the business).
Advancis engages on R&D activities to develop innovative solution to support entrepreneurs and SME, namely in the area of human resources, training and entrepreneurship.

Currently, Advancis is working on a diverse set of European projects:
• SPIN-UP – Entrepreneurship Training and Coaching for University Spin-Offs |
• REDIVE – Recruitment for Effective European Cultural Workforce Diversity |
• T-Story – Storytelling Applied to Training |
• MONEY MASTER – Improving Financial Literacy Among Youngsters |
• iHRM – Inclusive HRM Practices for Older Workers|
• iSkills – Fostering Innovation Skills as Key Competences for improving Employability of PhDs in SMEs

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Contact: Ayse Kat

Cukurova District Directorate of National Education, Our directorate, Cukurova District Directorate of National Education which is a local authority for national education and training in our district was established in 2008. It is located in Adana in the South of Turkey. There are 250 schools, 3821 staff and 85820 students in our region running under control of our Directorate. Also there are a few adult education centres which educate people who are out of formal education, and the age of the students is over 18 and Vocational Education Centre which educates and delivers certificates to the attendees who are dropout or out of formal education.

Our mission is:
• to develop an education-teaching process by following modern innovations and advances, by carrying out research
• to improve and implement laws and other regulations through the general goals and fundamental principles of the National Education System.
• to coordinate all kinds of educational activities in our district.
• to organise in-service trainings for teachers and the school staffs.

The projects done:
There are many local, national and EU Project applied, run by our organisation. They are:
• LLP Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership 2011 -1-TR1-LEO04-24311-1 Activity Based Learning and Entertainment: Lifelong Learning Challenges in the Digital Age (ABLE)
• LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnership 2011-1-SK1-GRU06-02781-8 “Enhancing the pedagogical skills of teachers/trainers of adult learning through mastering innovative teaching methods (In-TeaM)
• LLP Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO Project 2011-1-TR1-LEO03-26349 ICin VET


Contact: Pedro José Maleno Patón

CEPA Francisco de Quevedo is a Secondary School for Adults located in Valdepeñas, Spain. We provide our youths and adult students with a wide educational offer such as Secondary School for Adults, Vocational Training and others like, Information Technology, English Language or the development of key competences for elderly people. Furthermore, we also offer students a wide range of on-line courses on a platform called, from whom they benefit when they need specific training or an official certificate needed to be shortlisted in job offers.  There are thirteen teachers and around one thousand registrated students located in Valdepeñas and its surrounding towns and villages like Moral de Calatrava or Santa Cruz de Mudela, where we have extending or associate schools (AEPA) and whose teachers are members of CEPA Francisco de Quevedo’s staff. There is a high percentage of young students (the age the project aims at) who are unemployed and most of whom find huge difficulties to find a job. This is one of most important reasons why they come to us to get a certificate and necessary training to find better chances for a job recruitment. This social and educative role lets us be a well-known institution in our city.

The AEPAs of Moral de Calatrava and Santa Cruz de Mudela has a lot of registered people from 17 to 79 years old. There are many people without primary education and we have as main objective the promotion of education in the community.

Contact: Eve Money

South Sefton Development Trust was established in 2004, with the aim continuing the regeneration of the local area.   As the area within which SSDT operates includes some of the most deprived wards in the UK specialist programmes have been developed and delivered in order to engage and meet the needs of the members of these deprived communities.   SSDT meets this aim by working within four very distinct areas:
• Business and enterprise
• Training and skills
• Heritage and Culture
• Community

Within these four broad areas SSDT have developed and delivered a wide range of projects including:
• Anthony Gormley’s Another Place – a major arts installation of 100 life-size iron men positioned along the beach looking out to sea
• The Investment Centre – running a £6 million, landmark office building in the heart of Bootle town centre which provides us with income to cover core costs
• Business support in a variety of forms
• Providing one to one accredited and tailored business support to new start and existing organisations across Merseyside
• Providing courses on key business related issues
• Grants to help entrepreneurs start-up new businesses
• Lead partner in the Confederation of Social Entrepreneur, which advises social enterprise on how to become ‘fit to bid’ for public sector contracts
• Offering a range of pre-employment training to help people get back into the labour market such as
• Sew Good – offering sewing and dress making to disadvantaged women from the local area
• Media on the Mersey – in partnership SSDT offers a course to enable local NEETs the opportunity to develop skills by producing a film
• Breaking Down Barriers – help participants to overcome internal barriers to help them back on the road to employment
• The ACE fund will be launched soon to provide grants of £500 to the local community to improve their local area
• Talent Match is an intensive re-engagement youth programme to target young people who are furthest away from the labour market.  SSDT is contracted to deliver the enterprise element of the programme across Merseyside
• Ignite Europe was a Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project that was compete last year.  We were the project coordinators for our first European partnership project in which our existing business start-up development programme, Ignite, was adapted and developed into a much more coherent product with a European perspective.
• We have experience in running a range of ESF and ERDF funded programmes within the UK


Contact: Radoslav Vician

e-code (standing for Education for Continuous Development) is an independent educational institution. The mission of the institution is to contribute to human development through the use and promotion of the most progressive teaching methodologies – whether these are being the ICT supported learning, distance learning or interactive forms of classical education. At the same time, e-code works on protection of environment through its educational activities. The main objectives of e-code can be defined as providing flexible forms of tailored education in areas with identified market needs and areas with low market attractiveness, combating the digital divide through education, protection of environment through educational activities. We are active in various fields. Among the most important are:
•tourism development,
•environmental issues,
•methodology of education,
•reinforcing links between education and working life,
•entrepreneurship education,
•project development and management,
•active citizenship.
We work on international scope with minimum permanent staff and a number of associated external experts.

Contact: Andreas Stefanidis

The Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) is a non-for-profit organization founded in 2007 and a well established Greek training structure. It acts in collaboration with the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs (OESYNE) and aims to contribute to the creation of a healthy business environment for the development of entrepreneurship in Greece and in Europe as well as to support young entrepreneurs’ business goals and plans.
From 2007 onwards, AKEP has acquired a strong background in the design and delivery of specialised entrepreneurship workshops, both face-to-face and online, developing the necessary skills required by young entrepreneurs to start-up, grow and expand their business in national, European and international markets. Since 2007, the Academy has been organizing various workshops for young and future Greek entrepreneurs in order to help them grow and further develop their own business.

AKEP is a National Partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Greece, during which it organizes entrepreneurship workshops and training events. In addition, AKEP is a community member of Entrepreneur Envoy and member of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes – EADI.

AKEP’s experience in designing and delivering entrepreneurship education is further strengthened through its involvement in national and EU co-funded projects.